In Chengdu, a meeting between Italy and China on the environmental protection

MILAN, Sept. 25 (Class Editori) – In Chengdu, central China, the Chengdu International Environmental Protection Expo (CDEPE) 2020 started yesterday, a fair co-organized by Sichuan Environmental Protection Industry Association (SCEPI) and Europe China Environmental Exhibitions, a company of the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), the group that brings together the exhibitions of Vicenza and Rimini, with the support of the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI).

It is the largest green technology event in western China and is the preview for Ecomondo Key Energy, the green economy fair scheduled, both physically and digitally, at Rimini Fiere from November 3 to 6.

Chengdu, as will happen at Rimini Fiera, also experiences the double version: the physical one with the support of streaming and video connections for those who participate also remotely.

The 16th edition of CDEPE is the first exhibition dedicated to the green economy to be held live in Western China and which, together with exhibiting companies and participating operators, represents not only the resumption of international business, but it is also an opportunity to build a green future for Western China, through new opportunities and trade.

But there is more: CDEPE is Sichuan’s first “zero emission” exhibition, organized in compliance with the principles established by the Sichuan United Environment Exchange. With more than 15,000 operators and professionals of the sector, 300 exhibiting companies, the 2020 edition of CDEPE will lean on Ecomondo’s professional skills again, with speeches broadcasted in streaming on the international cooperation in the sector.

The meeting was attended by Fabio Fava, Full Professor of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnologies at the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Material Engineering of Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, Chairman of the Ecomondo Technical-Scientific Committee and Representative for Italy at the Working Party on Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies of the OECD (Paris), and by Francesco Fatone, Full Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Coordinator of the PhD in Civil, Environmental, Building and Architecture Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Marche Region, Head of the water area of the Ecomondo Technical-Scientific Committee – and the enabling of numerous digital personalized B2B (business to business) and B2G (business to government) match-making activities for international companies.

Moreover, for companies and foreign operators which want to remotely participate, an ad hoc promotional exhibition corner in the fair has been designed and built; several companies from Italy, USA, Japan and other countries have joined the initiative which, thanks to the live streaming and other video connection methods, will take the floor by telling the audience about themselves.

Schools and universities of all levels from the Sichuan province with a specialization in sustainability, together with companies and institutions of the environmental protection sector, have participated to the event in order to build a bridge between “entrepreneurship innovation” and “scientific research transformation”.

“Without the companies’ confidence, it would have been impossible to reach such a significant double result. We have reacted at our full potential, as we are able to do, and here we are, thanks to the exhibitors and companies’ trust which decided to confirm their participation”, as Lorenzo Cagnoni- Italian Exhibition Group President- has stated, “Ecomondo and Key Energy will show how much the exhibition system is essential for companies and business. We have recently experienced this atthe VOICE, the event for goldsmithing and jewellery which has taken place in the exhibition centre of Vicenza with the full satisfaction of all the operators”.

“In these months, a word we have learned to decline is innovation. Indeed, we have introduced a strong amount of innovation in order to arrange these events”, as Corrado Peraboni- IEG CEO- has added, “we have worked on different security protocols, from the set-up of stands to catering, in order to make the experience safe even before entering the fair”.

IEG has taken in charge all the costs concerning the organizational effort for the safety protocols so that exhibitors may think only to business and meetings. Ecomondo and Key Energy will be hybrid exhibitions, both physical and with a digital channel focused on B2B, which will be presented in the short term.

In Italy, the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) is leader in exhibition events arrangement and among the main operators of the exhibition and conference field at a European level, with the buildings in Rimini and Vicenza, as well as the further branches in Milan and Arezzo. The group stands out in the arrangement of events in five categories: Food & Beverage; Jewellery & Fashion; Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle; Wellness, Sport and Leisure; Green & Technology.

IEG has started an important expansion path abroad, also through the establishment of joint ventures with local operators in the USA, the UAE and China. In 2019, IEG organised 48 exhibitions and 190 conferences.

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